Ravens helping Ravens to contribute in preserving a strong community, to provide educational opportunities, and to build partnerships with past and present alumni and friends.

Who is the RGHS Alumni Association? That question can be answered in just three words, “Ravens helping Ravens”. Started as the Rio Grande High School 50th Golden Anniversary Planning Committee in the Summer of 2008. The celebration was held on June 13, 2009 at Isleta Resort and Casino. The excitement of celebrating 50 years as Ravens was rejuvenated by the over 1,500 attendees.
Following the grand event, several committed members of the original planning committee continued to celebrate the deep rooted pride of Rio by forming the RGHS Alumni Association. Our first major project was the creation and installation of our beautiful “RGHS History” Wall located in the Student Commons building of Rio Grande High School, which was dedicated in August 2011. The 8 ft x 24 ft structure houses historical memorabilia starting with the original deed and floor plans used to create a South Valley high school to a miniature replica of the original metal Raven that stood center stage of our beloved campus for years.

HISTORY WALL: History Wall page 

The RGHS Alumni Association with the support from the RGHS Administration will erect a professional/permanent “Historical Wall” display to be installed in the Student Commons Building. This History Wall will depict the rich history of the school; a feature for all Ravens past, present and future to appreciate and value. The RGHS Alumni Association would like to thank the Atrisco Heritage Foundation for their generous support in making the History Wall possible. The Atrisco Heritage Foundation is our premier sponsor of this joint effort.

If you have RGHS memorabilia that you would like to donate,
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Raven Rendezvous - Saturday, March 28, 2015


Executive Committee
Rachael Lucero-Maldonado, Class of 1980, Chair
Alberta Lucero, Class of 1990, Vice Chair
Tricia Gallegos, Class of  1989, Secretary
Lillian Archibeque, Class of 1987, Treasurer
Armando Lucero, Class of 1982
JW Zinter, Class of 1961
George Martinez, Class of 1989
Jennifer Martinez, Class of 1991
Matthew Lucero, Class of 1984
Phyllis Lucero, Class of 1990
David Orgeta, Class of 1980
Alberta Lucero, Class of 1990
Darlene Capshaw, Class of 1980

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Lifetime Membership $100.00
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Please return the application with your payment to:
RGHS Alumni Association
P.O. Box 72644
Albuquerque, NM 87195-2644
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Our meetings are held every 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM at Rio Grande High School. Join us

Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you to everyone who attended, everyone who supported and everyone who participated in any way!   Rio is truly Grand!
Our Friday night was a smash attended by nearly 1000 people. People mixed, people mingled and people danced the night away. Three musical groups who all included Rio alumni entertained us throughout the evening.
Saturday night was spectacular! As people entered the hallway, they were greeted by a long white table full of items donated by Ravens and friends for our Silent Auction. As our guests continued down the corridor, they began their walk through Rio history as they viewed the extraordinary decade booths which were filled with pictures, clothing and other memorabilia depicting that decade. Our guests also had the opportunity to sign up for the Raven Mentoring Program at the Raven Parent Center booth. The Ravens Nest lounge was open to those that wanted to get out of the crowd and begin reconnecting with fellow Ravens. Many Ravens took advantage of the photo booth where groups of friends were photographed and were able to purchase the photos immediately. Additional photos may be purchased at:
As people walked through the grand entrance to the ballroom, they found beautifully decorated tables which included centerpieces holding pom poms and RGHS flags that became part of the final activity of the dinner entertainment. Over 980 people enjoyed a delicious dinner and another hundred joined us during the evening festivities including Rocky Raven and Roxy Raven. All former principals as well as teachers with 20 years or more of Rio experience were honored and presented with certificates of appreciation. A Rio History video presentation was broadcast on two large screens on either side of the huge stage. The crowd reacted with cheers as familiar faces and events flashed across the screens. The evening ended as people danced until midnight to music provided by a twelve piece band and a deejay.
What a successful event! Please share your stories or comments on the Ravens Talk link and share your pictures by posting on our Photos of Ravens link. 
Be sure to visit this site often as more Raven events will be announced here.
Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank the RGHS 50th Golden Anniversary Planning Committee for their dedication and hard work. Excellent job!!!
Anna Miller, Class of 1977
Bernadette Candelaria, Class of 1982
Carmelina Hart, Class of 1990
Dennis Duran, Class of 1973
Frank Lujan       , Class of 1973
Ginger Hernandez    Class of 1977
Irene Martinez, Class of 1972
James Chavez, Class of 1982
Jesse Lopez, Class of 1998
Joe Chavez, Class of 1958
Joe Vallez, Class of 1959
John JW Zinter, Class of 1961
M Andrew Garrison, Class of 1987
Karla Moore, Class of 1987
Mari Hart-York, Class of 1992
Maria Barraza, Class of 1980
Mary Baldomar, Class of 1962
Mary Duran, Class of 1960
Melanie Torres, Class of 1989
Pam Chavez, Class of 1985
Pauline Lente, Class of 1978
Peggie Salazar, Class of 1984
Peter Sanchez, Class of 1979
Randy Sanchez, Class of 1979
Robert Lukesh, Class of 1977
Toni Montes, Class of 1995
Valerie Anderson, Class of 1979
Valerie Chavez, Class of 1996
Wanda Wright, Class of 1959
Waylon Chavez, Class of 1996
Zoila Rodriguez, Class of 1960
Executive Committee
Tricia Gallegos, Class of 1989, Chairwoman
Yvette Griego, Class of 1976, Vice-Chairwoman
Lillian Archibeque, Class of 1987, Treasurer
Karla Moore, Class of 1987, Secretary
Tom Sena, Class of 1974, Fundraiser Chairman
Abe Torres, Class of 1975, Production Chairman
With Raven Pride
Tricia Gallegos
RGHS 50th Golden Anniversary Committee Chair

Enjoy this Video from KOATV on RGHS:  http://www.koat.com/video/18037292/index.html
RGHS Alumni Association
P.O. Box 72644
Albuquerque, NM  87195-2644


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